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Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's Those Simple Things In Life..

I forgot how amazing it feels to stay up all night and watch the sun rise. 

It's really those simple little things in life that can totally give you the refreshment you need. Not necessarily physical refreshment, because I am pretty freaking tired right now.. But more along the lines of a mental and emotional refreshment.

I've found that it's really the simple things in life that do that for me, whether it be coloring or taking a walk by myself. I find that these little things allow me to focus on what's really important; me. 

These things are liberating in a sense that they are complex enough to forget or mask the excess in your life, yet effortless enough to get carried away.

This, my friends, is called meditation. It restores balance and peace upon the meditator and allows them to regain balance within their mind, body, and soul. I believe this is absolutely crucial to being human. The universe is a working entity, and we are just going with the ebb and flow of its waves. The current can be incredibly stressful, and like with all things that reside within it, we become weathered.

Like a mineral or stone. We become weathered from the flow, so eventually our true, beautiful selves shine through from the experience, and we become crystals. Meditation eases the tumble, and polishes our shine.

Whoah. I certainly didn't think I was capable of such a beautiful metaphor..

Regardless, I hope this means something you. Go meditate. Live in the moment, and refresh your mind.

Lexi xo

Sunday, November 16, 2014

On the Topic of Spontaneous Decisions..

So one of my beautiful best friends and I were bored yesterday. We were sitting in my school's fast food place and decided, split decision: let's go get tattoos.

via Blogspot
You ain't got nothin' on us.

We stroll into Mantis Tattoo in Jeanette, PA, like 10 minutes before closing and just put it all out on the table:

Us: "We want tattoos."
Kind lady: "Do you know what you want?"
Us: "No."

So, we ended up getting cutesy little hearts behind our ears. They're precious, and I'm so happy I did this. I feel like if we didn't go out on a limb and spontaneously do this, we would have never of done it. We have so many more ideas now that we can't wait to get done..

For now, here is my cutesy little heart:

I'm obsessed. I love it. The only thing right now is that my neck hurts like a bitch. Totally worth it..

The aftercare is standard: I use Dial Gold liquid antibacterial handsoap to clean it 2-3 times a day. I use warm water first to clean it, and then cold water to "shock" the ink.
And then I just put a small layer of Eucarin Original hand lotion on it and that's it. 

I can't reiterate enough how glad I am that I did this. I have wanted tattoos for the longest time, and I finally had the courage to do it. I'm not afraid of needles, but more or less afraid of..well..judgement. And you know what? I don't care anymore, it's MY body!

This short post is about me telling you about my new tattoo..but it's also to document my growth as an independent. And so far, I like where it is going!

Snapbacks and tattoos are a real thing for me now,
Lexi xo

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Formally Apologize...

...for sucking really bad at updating posts this week. The first week back to school is usually pretty hectic before you settle in with all of your classes. It's kind of like playing catch-up before you've even had a chance to learn.

With that being said, I have these classes this semester:

Chem Lab
Public History
History of Photography

If you've had any of these classes before, you know that this is a lot of reading. So, I have another day of hardcore studying before I'm all aligned with the syllabi.

I know. I'm a nerd.

In more exciting, yet terrifying news, I met this guy (or lady?) in my friends' dorm last week:

I don't care what it is, it's ugly!

Lots of love, and thanks for being patient <3

Lexi xo

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just moved in...

Hey guys.

So I moved in on Friday, and as most of you know, a lot of that is pretty stressful. But. A lot of it is a lot of fun, because you get to see your best friends and decorate a blank canvas of a room. I chose to have my own room this year, because I truly believe that being a biology major requires millions of hours of alone time to study.

Oh you know, just trying to become a doctor..

My room isn't completely finished..but I'm pretty proud of it. It's really pink and glittery and animal printy and it screams my name. 

It feels like home. That is very important at college..I cannot tell you that enough. Freshman year, my room felt like a jail cell. I was upset all the time and hated coming back to it. Now, I feel like I have somewhere to come back to on campus where I can just be myself. Always find a place like that, no matter where you are.

I love it so much. Although, we are supposed to contact FMO to put in our air conditioners.. so I did. I have a fee waiver, because it costs $25 (ridiculous..). I called on Friday at 2:37. The lady told me they were done for the day. DONE FOR THE DAY. AT 2:37!!! And that they won't be able to put it in until Monday!! It's supposed to be 80 all weekend! So Dean and I put it in ourselves. Ugh..

The pink wicker panels behind my bed are supposed to be a faux headboard. We spray painted it, and I have ribbon to drape down.

When I arrived, I unpacked a little bit, and then we decided to go get something to eat. Buffalo Wild Wings is right down the road from my college, and it's a family favorite (and a move-in day tradition in-the-making). If there is a BWW near you, I suggest you go, because it is yummy. I had a buffalo chicken flatbread for my meal, but my highlight were these little guys:

Bite-sized heaven with a side of sainthood. These are deep fried cheesecake bites! Warm and creamy cream cheese deep-fried in crunchy graham cracker, dipped in warm, melty caramel..'s a diet-cheat-day-must-try!

It's time to get ready for the day, and meet Brittany for lunch. I will bring to you a Salty Sunday Wishlist later on, and a review of an item that I bought off of that list!! 

Until then-

Love, Lexi xo

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Salty Sunday Wishlist: 8/17/14

You may look at the title of this post and think "Huh. Well why's this chick salty? And why would she name a Sunday segment for a wishlist 'salty'?!" You see here, my friends, I am a college girl on a budget. You pretty much have to buy the materials for a small house when you're living on campus- yeah, THAT kind of budget. There are so many makeup, hair, and body products that I would love to get and try. Unfortunately, I can't just go out there and do an Ulta haul every time I pass the store. But man, I would love to...

So that is why I'm making this list. This is a chance for you to be introduced to be new materials, or to talk about the products if you already have them. And for me.. this is a chance for me to vent about the products I am dying for and why I want them. Let me know your opinions, and I will keep an update of the products I do get, and do reviews!

1. Benefit "they're real! push-up liner"

Ulta: $24
Sephora: $24

I wear the cat eye every day, so this seems as if it would be ideal for me. The tutorial video makes it look so simple. Everyone likes a long lasting eyeliner, but will it be hard to get off? I guess that's why they make their own 'they're real!" make- remover. Whatever, I'm down with anything that takes 5 seconds to do. Especially when it's such a classic look!

2. & 3. Too Faced "Country Nashville Nudes" and "Rock N Roll Rock Candy"

Via Blogspot
Ulta: $36 each
Sephora: $36 each

Maybe I just want them for the novelty.. however, the color trios look great. I'm thinking the country palette for the daytime, and the rock 'n roll palette for night? I've never used Too Faced eyeshadow before. I saw in Ulta that they come with a little tutorial booklet, which is fantastic, because I wouldn't mind changing up my look every now and again. I might have to splurge on one of them soon out of curiosity..

4. Lush "Bubble Bars"

Lush: $5-$25

My brother's girlfriend told me about Lush recently. Before that, I have never heard of them, and I am so glad that I know of them now!! They are a fresh, organic, handmade business that is like a Bath and Body Works on steroids. They use fresh fruit and vegetables and oils to make the scents and use the least amount of packaging as possible. Also, their products bubble A LOT. I don't know how or why. They actually pride their "bubble bars" on being "like the bubble baths in the movies". Ugh, I so want to get my hands on one of these.. The best part is, it actually is a bar. You can break off a tiny piece, throw it in the bathtub, it dissolves, and you have bubble mountain. And you will have bubble mountain every day for two weeks.

5. Katy Perry "Oh So Sheer" Eau de Parfum

Via Fimgs

Ulta: $59.00
Note: If you shop around online, you can get it as low as $30.

This perfume is getting a lot of great reviews lately. I received a sample paper of it in my last Ulta flyer and it smelled really nice. Not too overpowering, but not too light, either. I really love the bottle. To be honest, I love perfume bottles, and that is one of the first things I look at, naturally, when I pick out a scent. I also love Katy Perry, and her innovative weirdness. 

So there you have it. The first 5 items on this week's wishlist. As you might have noticed, I am a member of the Ulta rewards system. In my opinion, it's the best rewards system out there in regards to makeup. Even if there isn't a store near you, and you are really into makeup, I highly recommend you sign up for a card online and make your purchases that way!  

You get a point for every dollar you spend, and when you get up to a certain amount of points, you go platinum! Of course, there are rewards along the way, like cash back if you want to spend your points and save money, and a birthday gift! Calvin Klein's CK One Mascara!

Which works so well. It's amazing.

Until next time!

Lexi xo

Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Bitches: The Abridged Version

Yayayaya! It's Brittany's birthday! I'm so excited to see my best friend in a few days. In honor of her fresh new age, I'm going to write a piece on one of our most favorite discussion topics: bitches! 

I got stunt doubles for us, Brittany!!

Bitches come in all shapes and sizes. Male or female. They are any race, ethnicity, and orientation. It takes one to know one. But- some people are more of a bitch than others. I'm probably being a huge one right now for even writing this article. But, for entertainments' sake, and for the fact that it is Brittany's birthday, here are 5 Ways to Identify a Super Bitch:

5. You have that gut feeling.

If you get any type of strange vibe from them when you first meet them, don't even try to make it work. Save yourself the heartache. If everyone loves them, and you're the only one who doesn't, there is probably a reason for it.. like you're the only one who sees through their bullshit and everyone else is too blind to see. Follow your instincts, it's your sixth sense!

4. They are drama queens.

If you have failed at listening to your instincts and have begun to give this person a chance, you may now have another chance at freeing yourself. Take notice that SB's really like to blow things up. To the max. All attention must be on them- whether it be a medical condition, a pregnancy scare, a broken bone, a dead goldfish, their stepdad's second cousins' broken nail- you name it. They got it. And everyone knows about it. Get out now, because it only gets worse.

3. They are the best at everything, and loved everything before you did.

"Oh my god, is that Betsey Johnson?! My crib liner was Betsey Johnson! My mom and I LOVE her! My 5th cousin twice removed met Betsey Johnson." After so long, the average SB will say something similar to this about everything you own. They want to give portray the illusion that they're better than you in every way, shape and form. Deep down, I feel like they still realize that you can see through them and their ways- so, they do the best they can to make you feel small.

2. They are manipulative.

They're as sweet as pie when they ask you to do something for them. It could be anything, I mean ANYTHING. They're also manipulative in the sense that they make you think what they think. And, they are really good at it, which is scary. This process is used enhance trust in their victims. It always works, because they seem like the most trustworthy people in the world. Until-

1. You trip and fall. They will never be the ones to help you back up.

In fact, they would stand there, laugh, and call everyone over to laugh with them. This, my friends, is the nature of a super bitch. They kick you when you're down. They abandon you in your time of need. They choose everyone else over you. 

How to tell a true friend from a super bitch:

Sometimes, a person just has some of these qualities without realizing it. Some. Or, it is a super bitch in disguise. How you can tell is this: call them out.

If they apologize and feel bad, they are a keeper. Most likely, they didn't realize they were doing it, and didn't mean to hurt you.

If they get defensive, angry, storm out, and blame you for everything, then sorry. You have a super bitch on your hands. 

I've dealt with many people like this before. Hey- they have really good taste in music! But, with the new school year starting, Brittany and I have pledged to remain super bitch-free this year. Do yourself a favor, and do the same!

Until next time- 

Lexi, the Bitch expert

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eyeshadow Nail Polish - Take 1

I've wanted to try making nail polish from eyeshadow for a while now. I finally tried it today, and it's a really easy, smooth process!

Hard Candy is a cute makeup brand sold by Walmart. They have more edgy, punk rock looking eyeshadows, nail polishes, lipsticks and glosses, and many other things. Unfortunately, I am allergic to the eyeshadow!!!

I was so bummed when I first tried it. The shadows are so pretty. The one I got is called "Lunar Eclipse", which is a copper shaded brown with gold iridescent sparkles.

So, the process is really easy. You grab a paper plate, some clear nail polish, and an old or cheap mini makeup brush.

Take the mini makeup brush, and start dusting off the eyeshadow onto the paper plate. For me, the Hard Candy eyeshadow was incredibly easy to dust off, so I had a lot of powder.

Take the clear nail polish and drip a few blobs onto your eyeshadow dust mountain!

Now mix! Mix! Mix! I used my mini makeup brush, and it instantly turned into a creamy, brown polish.

Not what I what expecting.

I's nice..but I thought there would be more gold. Once I become more comfortable with eyeshadows and pigments, I'll figure out a way to make this shadow polish copper-toned and gold.

Final Notes: I know that someone, somewhere would like this color, it's just not for me. So, I took it off and put a gold polish on.

Love, Lexi

(Wander) Lust for Life

I've always had this wish to see the entire world. Its my childhood (and grown up) dream to go shopping in Paris, talk to locals in in Berlin (I studied German for 4 years), drink beer in Dublin, and eat sushi in Tokyo. So many magical towns and cities with incredible histories reside across the pond. In my mind, its crazy to not want to take advantage of what this beautiful, mysterious world has to offer. There are so many people out there who are unlike anyone you've ever had the pleasure of being around. 

I believe that we, as human beings, owe it to ourselves to experience different cultures, exotic ways of thinking, and foreign values. In the end, it will make us more well-rounded and have an open mind.

Personally, I think everything takes practice. So, its really important to me that I explore on a smaller level before I start doing any worldwide exhibitions.

I come from a very tiny town on the summit of a mountain located in the Pennsylvania segment of the Appalachians.

Via EpoDunk

Google Maps needed the "magnifying glass" setting to take Cresson's picture.

I spent most of the time that I've lived here walking. Walking everywhere. I found every little nook and cranny there was and loved every second of it. As an added bonus, I became an exceptionally good delivery girl because of it.

I've also lived in a small town near Lancaster and Harrisburg called "Middletown", and before that, I lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I hated moving around everywhere at the time. But now that I look back on it, it was a really cool experience. I know all sorts of different things based on where I lived.

But anyway, what I'm trying to say is: I've had this urge to explore my own state lately. The fact that I lived here and such cool things happen so close to me broaden my horizons, and push me to go further. And some really cool things have happened here!

Most of my adventures so far have occurred in the western side of PA (because I live there). Here are some of my highlights:

Latrobe, PA

My biggest adventure by far has been to this popular Pittsburgh suburb. I go to college here, live here for 3/4 of the year, and I have met my beautiful best friends Brittany, Liz, Casey, and Jill here. I am slowly but surely conquering this peaceful town; banana splits, Fred Rogers, Steelers Training camp, and all.

Pittsburgh, PA

It doesn't matter who you are, this city is beautiful. It is one of the most alive cities I have ever been in because of their pride. Trust's not all about the sports here. These people are proud of who they are and where they came from and what their families' built. Spend a few minutes talking to a local and you'll understand.

Lancaster, PA

Lancaster is so humbling and serene. The simplicity of the Amish countryside is so welcoming, and reminds you to stay modest in this difficult world. Many people get so angry with how the Amish live, especially how they ride their buggies on the road.. As a child, I thought it was so mystical! It reminded me of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. The local food is fantastic, and never forget to stop in the flea markets. I would probably move here again if I could.

Centralia, PA

Silent Hill. Full o' Penises.

Centralia is a small town in central PA that, since the 1980's, has been abandoned. A massive coal fire lit underneath the town, and still burns today. Carbon monoxide poisoning and gaping, fiery holes have threatened the town to depopulation. I love this place so much because of what mother nature has done to it; it gives an eye-opening insight to what the world will look like after we humans are gone. And, as weird as it sounds, but I love the graffiti. We have no clue what kind of people have visited this town and tagged it- okay, Yeah, probably a bunch of teenagers from the neighboring town. But still..all kinds of talented people have been there, and its obvious.

Breezewood, PA

I don't know all that much about Breezewood, except for the fact that the Abandoned PA Turnpike starts here. And I love this very place very much for the same reasons as I love Centralia- the nature, and the graffiti. Plus, the bike ride is KILLER! If you ever want to lose 5 pounds in one day, all you have to do is go through the first tunnel and reach the second, and turn back. 

Of course, these are only a few of the places I've been to in PA. These happen to be a few of my favorites, though.

All I'm saying is, adventure and travel is right in your backyard. Always be familiar with your home before you expand. Fun fact: I've been to all of these places with the love of my life. You should try it sometime- traveling brings relationships closer.

Until next time-


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10 Important Things I learned Freshman Year

It's that time of year again- all of the big stores are putting out their back to school stock, and you're trying to get as much use out of your swimming suit as possible. The sunshine is reaching its peak before the Earth slowly orbits farther and farther away, giving us a few more sunny days before we succumb to the cold.
For those entering their first year of high school, there is a general nervousness for the next 4 years to come. Whether or not they'll still be close with their friends from middle school and trying to fit in are some of the biggest concerns for them. Worrying if the teachers will like them or not, and if the classes will be too hard that they fail are even crossing their minds.

We've all gone through it. We all know what that feels like. Now, multiply that nervousness by 10, subtract all of your close friends from high school, and add financial issues and you've got a college freshman.

It's not easy. It's really scary, actually. Having being sheltered for 18 years by a small town and caring parents, it's really intimidating to essentially be forced to be independent. It's like the mama bird kicked you out of the nest without telling you..

..although, even though you were initially scared of falling, you're still a bird. And you have wings, damnit.

There are so many tips and advice out there for college freshman. But nothing I found could help me- only experience could, so I could learn and grow from it. With that being said- this article is not meant to guide you, necessarily. This is merely a few words of advice from someone who has experienced it, and clung to it for dear life, as a tool for her next 3 years. 

1. Always have a safety net.

I can't tell you how many times I've had $0 in the bank. The truth of the matter is: there is always going to be a friend that suggests going shopping or ordering food out. You don't want to look like the cheapo, so you go for it- except, "just this once" turns into 5 nights a week, and that work study sure as hell ain't gonna help ya. And it always seems that right when you need money the most, something happens. Like, you catch an upper respiratory infection and need to go to Medwell, or you have to invest in a pair of heavy duty snow boots because FMO refuses to shovel the sidewalks.

Unless your parents pay you for being you, you'll always have to work a little harder to maintain a safety net in college. So...just save your money and don't spend it like water.

2. Never be afraid to ask for help.

You'd be surprised how helpful people can be. Especially professors and other students when you're failing a class. Always ask others for help, even if it's by email. Professors will not get annoyed if you schedule a meeting with them, ask them a few questions, thank them, and then pass their test. If anything, it's a compliment. And, every time someone helps you out, return the favor to someone else. It makes you feel good, and it's an extra confidence boost.

3. Always schedule and keep a planner.

This is probably one of the easiest methods for success. Our bodies love schedule, and it's been proven to be one of the most effective ways to achieve goals, ESPECIALLY in college. The feeling you get when you complete your last task of the day is incomparable. It takes maybe 5 seconds to write a due date down. And maybe 10 minutes to plan your day- or maybe even 20 minutes to plan your week. Do that, and stick to it and I guarantee a great semester.

4. Set goals.

Just like keeping a schedule, setting goals and accomplishing them releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone that is associated with reward and happiness and control. In essence, you not only accomplish everything you need to get done, but you also become a happier, more relaxed person because of it. 

5. Take advantage of the entire test-taking time.

Generally, you have 50 minute classes, 80 minute classes, or 150 minute classes, all on different days. If you professor says you have that amount of time to complete a test, use it. It does not matter if you have been studying for 3 weeks and it is open book/open note. Use all of time to check, re-check, and correct errors. Sit there if you have to, and study the test. Just use all of the time given.

6. Always wave and say hi to people you know.

If you pass the same person everyday on your way to lunch, say hello. If you've met them before, even if only for a half a second, always smile and wave. This broadens your network, and you never know when you'll need that person. It sounds like you're just out to use them, I know. But if that person you passed every day happens to be in your Calculus ll class and is a Mathematics major, then you'll already be in good graces with them because you're so polite.And it'll help you make friends, and keep them. If you see a familiar face that you have been saying hello to on the commute to class sitting alone in the dorm lobby, strike up a conversation with them. 

7. Appreciate what you have.

You meet a lot of people in college. Some come from terribly broken homes, and are doing EVERYTHING themselves. Don't find yourself in a conversation with them about how pissed you are that your parents gave you an iPhone for your birthday, and not a Galaxy.

8. Always go to the on-campus events.

Again, you can meet some very cool people at these things- and you make memories with those around you. And from time to time, it's okay to have fun without being drunk. 

And don't worry- the "I'm gonna get drunk every day of the week" phase will end..very abruptly when you get your midterm grades back.

9. Drink lots of water.

Trust me.. you'll understand when you're running around like a chicken with its head cut off. And also when you get massive headaches. And, also, when you start breaking out like you're in middle school again and gain weight.

Water is magical. Take a water bottle to every class, and swear to finish it by each one. Invest in a Brita bottle so you don't have to pay as much each week for a case of water.

Only buy a soda when you ace a test, or when something good like that happens. Again, the goals/rewards system releases dopamine and makes you one happy college kid.

And, finally:

10. Call your mom.

As much as you fight, she still misses you while you're at college. A lot. She is your #1 fan and biggest supporter when it comes to school, so she'll feel so proud of you each time you call with good news. She's already proud of you for even going to college and being on your own. Even if she's never gone to college herself, she also has a lot of advice of her own. She'll comfort you if you have a bad day, or try and help you make sense of your problems when you call her while you're angry. She might threaten to drive out to the school and lay out anyone who gets in your way- but she won't. Because she knows you can handle it yourself, and that's the beauty of it all.

So there you have it. Ten of the very many things I learned at college last year. Freshman: take what you can out of this and have a happy and safe, fresh start. One day soon, you'll have your own advice for those coming up. Until then- 

Love, Lexi

Friday, August 1, 2014

NYC Here I Come!!!

Thanks to my beautiful friends and family, I won an all expenses paid trip to New York City!! How fabulous can it get? I don't know much about the trip yet, but I know that I will be taking a plane ride to the Big Apple and will be staying in a fairly decent hotel.

In the next couple weeks I will be doing a lot of research based on my win. Plane tips, what to wear, how to shop, make-up do's and don'ts- stay tuned.

I'm also going to blog straight from the source. Duh. I can't wait to take pictures of the skyline.

What's your favorite thing to do in NYC? Let me know in the comments!!

Love, Lexi

Thursday, July 31, 2014

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To Prime or Not To Prime..

I just recently started buying into more prestigious make-up brands, and I am obsessed. Most of them, if not all, offer some sort of priming cream, serum, or spray.

What IS Primer?!??

In my own words, a primer is some sort of liquid-y make-up that you put on your clean face before you put on foundation- thus adding 10 more seconds to your make-up routine and making your make-up last longer than it usually does.
Unless its eyeshadow primer- then you put it on your lids after your concealer, foundation, and powder, and before eyeshadow, adding another 10 seconds to your routine..


I mean. I love prestige brands and all, but is turning my 15 minute routine into a 15 minute and 20 second routine really worth it?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here's why:

Primers fill in pores and lines, creating a smoother palette for make-up to sit on. A powdery feel to the primer gives the foundation something to stick to, creating long-lasting, all-day wear. Also, you can get primers that do your dirty work while they're holding your paint in place. There are primers you can get to smooth wrinkles, to protect you from sun damage, to prevent and cover up breakouts.. 

Eyeshadow primer prevents that yucky fade and crease from happening towards the end of the day. And some even give your lids extra sparkle, or firm them up.

So, the question isn't "why?" it's "why not?!" 10 seconds and a splurge can't beat these benefits.

Love, Lexi

Source: my own experience and research

What's This All About?!

My name is Lexi, and I talk a lot. I'm a music and make-up junkie, and I spend way too much money on that stuff. I love travelling and experiencing new things in a cultural sense. I'm a college sophomore, currently majoring in biology. I learned a LOT my first year- academically, socially, financially- and most importantly, I learned a lot about myself.

The most important thing, I think, for anyone my age is having someone else to relate to. Someone you can look to for advice about anything, opinions that help you form your own, and just general small talk about whats going on in the world today.

That's where I come in.

My cousin Jordan and I. Jordy Pordy Puddin' Pop.

I'll do make-up and music reviews often, advice columns, lists, rants, and the whole nine yards.
If you like it, you can follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, add me to your circles..whatevvvvahhhh. 

Love, Lexi