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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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To Prime or Not To Prime..

I just recently started buying into more prestigious make-up brands, and I am obsessed. Most of them, if not all, offer some sort of priming cream, serum, or spray.

What IS Primer?!??

In my own words, a primer is some sort of liquid-y make-up that you put on your clean face before you put on foundation- thus adding 10 more seconds to your make-up routine and making your make-up last longer than it usually does.
Unless its eyeshadow primer- then you put it on your lids after your concealer, foundation, and powder, and before eyeshadow, adding another 10 seconds to your routine..


I mean. I love prestige brands and all, but is turning my 15 minute routine into a 15 minute and 20 second routine really worth it?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here's why:

Primers fill in pores and lines, creating a smoother palette for make-up to sit on. A powdery feel to the primer gives the foundation something to stick to, creating long-lasting, all-day wear. Also, you can get primers that do your dirty work while they're holding your paint in place. There are primers you can get to smooth wrinkles, to protect you from sun damage, to prevent and cover up breakouts.. 

Eyeshadow primer prevents that yucky fade and crease from happening towards the end of the day. And some even give your lids extra sparkle, or firm them up.

So, the question isn't "why?" it's "why not?!" 10 seconds and a splurge can't beat these benefits.

Love, Lexi

Source: my own experience and research

What's This All About?!

My name is Lexi, and I talk a lot. I'm a music and make-up junkie, and I spend way too much money on that stuff. I love travelling and experiencing new things in a cultural sense. I'm a college sophomore, currently majoring in biology. I learned a LOT my first year- academically, socially, financially- and most importantly, I learned a lot about myself.

The most important thing, I think, for anyone my age is having someone else to relate to. Someone you can look to for advice about anything, opinions that help you form your own, and just general small talk about whats going on in the world today.

That's where I come in.

My cousin Jordan and I. Jordy Pordy Puddin' Pop.

I'll do make-up and music reviews often, advice columns, lists, rants, and the whole nine yards.
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Love, Lexi